Five things a husband loves to hear from his wife

These five things are very important to the average husband, and he might feel irritated if he doesn’t regularly get them from his wife!

I respect you: Respect is the universal language for men. If a woman can show complete respect towards efforts made by her husband, surely there are better chances of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Treating your husband with disrespect in the presence is a no-no! Something like: “I respect you for what you have been doing for me and our family” will encourage him to perform better.

I trust you: Ladies doubt their men all the time, which is wrong. A man needs constant affirmation. He wants to know whether his wife believes in him and his abilities. The complete trust will empower him as a husband, father, and leader. He needs regular motivation to be able to face the challenges of life and provide best possible living conditions to his family. Even in tough times, a wife must trust her husband and make him feel good about his abilities. When your husband is down, sit with him, hold his hand and say, “I trust you.”

I admire your leadership qualities: Every man wants to know whether he is taking the family in the right direction or not. He feels insecure about results achieved by him. Wife needs to celebrate his achievements and encourage him with positive words if he must attain his goals.

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You are a great father and true role model: Becoming a father is the most amazing moment for a man. He tries hard to be a real hero and role model for his children. Commend him for his great qualities, especially in front of the children. A child who respects his dad is the best gift for a man — it will encourage him to do better.

I love you: These are three magical words which will make your husband feel special. All men make efforts to earn the respect and love of their wives. Not only women, but even men love to hear, ‘I Love You.’ This is a reminder to him that he need not be perfect to be loved by his wife.

The bottom line: Circumstances will keep changing, but make him know that you love him all the time.

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