Why you shouldn’t repaint that car

Lagos roads, especially, can be specially tricky. One moment, your car is fine, another, it is scratched. However, does all of these mishaps require a repaint? Well, you may want to grade your options after reading this.

1. Car Damaging
The process of stripping( removing the car paint) the original paint is not car-friendly and the entire process is kind of damaging to the metal of the car. It can destroy the body of the car that no amount of paint may resolve it.

2. Bad Quality of Repaint
Companies like Volkswagen go through an eight stage process to ensure the color quality of the car doesn’t fade , but when you will get it painted outside by the local service centres , you will not get the quality. It is quite sad to see a car repainted loose its colour quickly. A repainted car never gives back the initial feel and look of the car.

3. The sad part of colour options
People sometimes pick colour for repaint because it is catchy. This can be the biggest mistake in car painting. The repainting of a car is greatly discouraged because some colour repaint can do more bad than good. For example, a car repaint from white to black.

A black car will do the following
• Not only will the paint heat up to the temperature of the sun, but will cause the interior to heat up proportionately along with it.
• Black shows every nuance of paint flaws.
• Black car paint is the hardest color to keep clean.
It is advised that one keep to the manufacturer colour of the car.

4. Risk
Car stripping can sometimes be as dangerous as surgeries. Apart from the fact that they may destroy the car or make it look worse, it can make the car more dangerous to drive. Car repainting may, for example, leave the unbolted panels during stripping unbolted. This can affect the performance of the car generally. And can sometimes be quite dangerous as important part of the car may be left unbolted.
If your car is stolen, you may not be able to easily claim ownership. This is because your manufacturer’s colour is the registered colour. If the car is repainted and not duly re-registered, the risk of totally losing the car is pretty higher.

5. It Reduces the Cost of the Car
If you are thinking of reselling your car, it is advised that you avoid repainting it. The repaint would reduce interest and cost of the car immediately the buyer finds out about the repaint.

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