Obasanjo is an opportunist who prefers weakling in power – Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has described former President, Olusegun Obasanjo as an “opportunist” who prefers to put a “weakling in position”.

Fayose made the claim while wondering why Obasanjo made the late Yar’Adua president despite been sick.

Speaking with Punch, the Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governors Forum said he is a “living witness” of the life of Obasanjo.

Fayose noted that he wa only saying things he knew about the former president and not that he was attacking him.

According to Fayose, “I worked with him and know that Obasanjo is a sadist, an opportunist – a man who would rather put a weakling in position (of power). How would he ask Yar’Adua that he knew was sick to be president?

“I wonder why some media (organisations) celebrate Obasanjo. Obasanjo has no character. Obasanjo was the first president that trampled on our constitution in all ways using brute force.”

Fayose also claimed that Obasanjo does not have a stake “in terms of human beings” in party politics in the south-west.

He said, “When you say human support, Obasanjo does not enjoy such in the south-west.

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“Obasanjo is only left with the clout of being a former president.

“At the time I was the governor, I was a young man. I was avoiding Obasanjo because he was from the same zone as me. One thing I have known is that Obasanjo will run away if you can stand up against him. Obasanjo is a weak man; the moment you can stand up against him, he will chicken out.

“Look at Orji Uzor Kalu and late governor of Niger State. At that time, I couldn’t stand up (against Obasanjo). I have now found out that, sometimes, it is good to confront monsters. We are guided by the constitution and respect for the rule of law. Obasanjo messed up by disobeying the rule of law and removing governors at will.

“Elders are only meaningful when they are using their grey hair to lead the people well. You only respect grey hair when the man is upright. Obasanjo is not a man to be respected; he is an opportunist.”

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