Anambra Church Massacre: Didn’t the priest see it? – Actress April Joju

Following the brutal killing of some innocent worshipers at St Philip’s Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra State by some unknown gunmen, Nigerian Actress, April Joju Muse has revealed that it was meant to happen.

According to the Actress who says she doesn’t believe in the existence of God, ‘prayer is not a guarantee of special favour or blessings’ She also retorted that even as priests of God, they didn’t foresee the shooting which took the lives of 11 innocent worshipers.

See what she wrote below:

“So some Catholic faithfuls were massacred in church, supposedly in d presence of god. Is it that d priest dint see it coming? The departed dint pray or love god enough? god really works in mysterious ways doesn’t he?”

“Whether u pray or not, what will happen will happen, good or bad. Prayer is not a guarantee of special favour or protection. Rip to the brutally departed”

What do you have to tell this young lady?

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