Reasons why men love to date beautiful women

While talking about how do men benefit from dating beautiful women, the demerits of dating a beautiful women are equally striking. you may end up being controlled or may always be on the edge worrying about other guys hitting on her.The Maker however had other things in his mind and what benefits men have while they date beautiful women far overrides the demerits. Expectation of having beautiful kids can be one.

The reason guys get attracted to beautiful women may be driven by the biology of getting superior progeny whether intelligent, beautiful or healthy. The only problem is that there are not too many of them and you need to compete with the other guys due to an already skewed sex-ratio.Although, all the guys may not get the stunners, still, the question of what benefits men have while they date beautiful women is kept alive.Here are some reasons behind men love to date beautiful women.

Reasons behind men love to date beautiful women are:[/I]

1.Confidence Enhancing: A beautiful women is always a prized catch. More so, if there were other guys vying for her attention and you came out with flying colors. Hence, the confidence enhancement to overcome greater challenges in life.

2.Career Booster: All beautiful women are not always after your looks. Stability in your career is something they look out for before they commit. This is something not unknown to the guys. Hence, the inspiration to perform and the booster dose to their career.

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3.Stable Relationship: A couple with the female more attractive than the male have been found to have longer and more stable relationships. This no doubt, is an important benefit of dating beautiful women, if you are looking to settle down soon.

4.Makes You More Attractive To Other Women: You may not be getting married right away. You may also not be finally successful with the first few women. Dating a beautiful women earlier on however, makes you attractive e other ladies.

5.Beauty Without Makeup And Least Efforts: If your women is naturally beautiful, she will remain so without trying too hard. And yes, she will still be attractive in bed the next morning.

6.Boosts Your Immunity: If your women is beautiful, it goes without saying that you will have a healthy sex life. This in turn is sure to boost your immunity and will help in leading a healthy life.

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