How small is too small?

While many people will be hypocritical when it comes to discussing this very very vital issue,I believe it is imperative for me to explain some facts about this because without good intimacy,most romantic union will collapse.

As they say “Size does matter” and this is the honest truth but it may shock many that a 4inch erect schlong can make a lady climax heavily….WHY?

1.Big schlong means good sex is a facade:

Yes you read right…a big schlong does not translate to good intimacy expecially when the man keeps hitting the wrong spot.

It is also true that women consider how you use it to be more important than how big it is. In most cases, guys with big schlongs feel that they’re ‘giant’ so they don’t have to put in any extra work and the sex ends up being horrible.

2.If a lady can enjoy a finger of less than 4inch then a schlong of 4inch can satisfy her:

Have you ever wondered how in the world a lady could enjoy the use of short fingers yet say she can only enjoy a longer schlong? The problem is the way the man uses that 4inch which means the s.x position of the woman is a major determinant of how she enjoys intimacy and not really the size of the schlong.

3.God in his wisdom has made it easy for any lady to enjoy a small schlong. :

Do you know that the 2 pleasure spots of a lady is so easy to get stimulated by a 4inch schlong?

It is pleasing to know that the clit of a lady can be stimulated so easily by virtue of the position but it is more pleasing to know that the other pleasure spot known as the is just 3inches from the opening of a woman’s core and this makes it so easy for a lady to enjoy intimacy with a 4inch man…Interesting innit?

4.Big schlong satisfaction is more of a psychological thing than fact:
Many ladies are used to watching porn where a normal size schlong is magnified with the camera to make it look so big thereby creating that mindset that big schlong is the real deal but you are so wrong….

AVERAGE erect size (worldwide) is about 5.5 inches. Its also a myth that black men are supposed to have giant dicks too(very wrong cos most black guys have average of 6inches).

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Watching porn also conditions your mind and tells you what size should be ‘normal’. A lot of pornstars are actually ‘freaks of nature’, they are far larger than the average guy and must never be used as a yardstick for measurement.

5.The longer the schlong the more inconvinient it will be for the lady:

Have you ever observed that longer schlong causes discomfort? Little wonder why guys with longer schlong hardly go in fully and what profit a woman who is with a man she can not manipulate his P as she wants but will always spoil the fun with funny words like “Easy” “gently”….

6.Some ladies are insatiable as a result of multiple sex partners:

Some ladies who find it hard to cope with a seemingly average schlong have probably been with several men and some of these men were probably bigger than average and these ladies have gotten used to that but might find themselves married to a guy with an average size and this becomes an issue for them….this is why even a guy with 8inch schlong can be too long for some ladies and might just be average for some which makes the subject of “big schlong” very relative with respect to different ladies so when a lady says you are small,you really don’t have to worry your head cos you just might be big or very OK for another lady.

7.Most ladies in reality can not cope with a big schlong:
I know this may surprise many but the truth is that 8 out of 10 ladies can not cope with a schlong above normal size but they only think about it but in reality…they will prefer a moderate schlong.

I could continue to enumerate on why a small P size of not less than 4inches can satisfy a lady and will get her sexually satisfied….

Size does matter but only a P size of less than 4inches when erect can be considered as small…and when you talk about bigger P, it is better to have a bigger girth rather than a P size longer than 6 inches.

*To measure your P length simply measure from the base with the tape touching your body skin above your penile shaft and you can not truly ascertain the length of the P in the flaccid state no matter how small it looks.

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