Moment Man Proposes To His Curvy Girlfriend In A Romantic Way (photos)

This is the heartwarming moment a man proposed to his girlfriend in a romantic way.
Isaac surprised Ekene with the adorable moment he proposes to her.

Read below how it happened

I had an epic speech all planned out on what and how I was going to ask my best friend to spend the rest of her life with me… but when I saw her come down the stairs seemingly carrying the beauty of the world on her shoulders I lost all train of thought… my legs got weak… I even lost my balance… I’m a pretty lucky guy in God name and so luckily the only knee I needed landed in perfect position on a floor of rose petals with the ring in my hand. I looked up and into her eyes and her hands were over her face… I couldn’t help but to congratulate myself on this perfect timing because her nails were freshly done… then I proceeded to express the much shorter and out of order version of my once well thought out and prepared speech…: ��
“I don’t want to spend another day in question about our future. I can’t imagine my life moving forward without you in it. And I like REALLY hope that you might feel the same about me as I do about you… @ekene._ , Will you marry me?” … ��
My best friend said #YES to me… YES to love… YES to building our legacy… YES to #Forever.
I’m now the most blessed man in the world

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