Heartbreaking! Wife discovers her husband has been repeatedly raping her in her sleep after checking his phone

A horrified wife discovered her husband had repeatedly r*ped her in her sleep when she discovered shocking videos of the attacks on his mobile phone, Dailymail reported.

The wife found out after coming across an app called ‘Video Locker’ on her husband’s phone and decided to investigate. In the videos, the husband could be seen carrying out revolting s*x acts on his wife, who was asleep in their bed. During one sickening attack the husband ejaculated onto his wife’s face and then wiped it off before she woke.

In other scenes he had zoomed in to record some of the graphic r*pe footage. Jailing him to nine years in prison, Mr Recorder Baird said: ‘You did so for your own s*xual gratification and treated her as an object for your fantasies, disregarding her wishes or needs.’

In a statement, the traumatised victim said her life had been left in tatters as she struggled to come to terms with her husband’s actions.

She said: ‘In March 2017, I discovered my husband had been sexually abusing me.

‘Since that day, my life and that of our children has been completely turned upside down in ways I still cannot come to terms with.’

The victim, who is now on medication, said she now worries about her future and added: ‘I never thought he would be capable of doing what he did.

‘He has completely fooled me. I never want to see him again.’

The court was told the couple had been together for more than 10 years when the man started the horrific abuse in September last year.

Jailing him up for nine years and ordering him to sign the S*x Offenders’ Register for life, Mr Recorder Baird said: ‘You abused the trust that your wife placed in you.

‘Between September 2016 and March this year, you defiled and sexually abused her while she was incapable of giving consent to your actions.

‘I take the view you took advantage of the fact that she was in drink and a heavy sleeper.

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