When you’re sexually attracted to your Brother or Sister In-Law

Last week, a lady shared her story on how her elder sister’s husband tried to r*pe her and how she struggled and finally escaped his beastly claws. Her sister wasn’t home when all this was happening and when she came home she found out her sister’s demeanor had changed. She disrespected her husband and told her sister she wanted to leave. It was after she left that she got to know about what transpired from their mum.

There’s another story I heard sometime ago about a wife who slept with her brother in-law. Her husband travels a lot and each time he does, he would invite his brother to come stay with his family. After a while, his brother and his wife started an amorous relationship until they were both caught pants down by her husband.

Honestly, I can’t really fathom how or why a person will be sexually attracted to a brother-in-law or sister in-law. Please how do these things happen? Do you people fall in love? Or you just ask for a make out session? What sort of ojukokoro is this? You also want to eat the same pie your brother or sister is eating?

I’m of the view that, if you can sleep with your brother or sister in-law, then you can sleep with your child too. Sleeping with your brother or sister in-law is as bad as sleeping with your own flesh and blood. It’s another dimension of incest.

If you cannot be s*xually attracted to your siblings why should you be attracted to your sibling’s spouse? Do your siblings have dragons on their heads? Do they spit fire? Are they not beautiful or handsome? Don’t your sisters have figure eight? What about your brother? Are they not tall, dark and handsome?

I’m sure you want to puke as you read this. So, if you do, why should you creep into your sister or brother in-law’s bed at night? Why should you have a hard on when she is cooking for you in the kitchen? Why should you be tempted to slip your hands under her dress when no one is watching?

Besides, madam wifey, why are you quick to jump into your brother-in-law’s arms? Why have you suddenly found his pink lips kissable? How come an innocent brush of his hands makes you wet?

Give me a freaking break here! It’s really disgusting! What happened to your vows? Have you forgotten that you don’t s**t where you eat and you don’t eat where you s**t? I know many people have extra-marital affairs but doing it with your sibling’s spouse is way too much. This is just a hot and casual affair with no future, so if you must cheat, please go beyond the family circle.

Anyone who is already into this or has intention to go into this needs help because committing such terrible acts all because you want to satiate a sexual urge is evil. Your spouse’s sister or brother is a no-go area and your brain should tell you it’s not okay. Marriage is scared and shouldn’t be desecrated. You and your spouse have a beautiful relationship with children, so should you jeopardize everything because of a quickie? What kind of legion of demons is disturbing the organs concealed in your pants? You should know that your penis or vagina is wired to be under your control and not the other way round. Don’t let foolish lust becloud your judgment.

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Besides, you should know your sister or brother in-law is not available for whatever reason(s) and lusting after either is a mere waste of time. If you are nursing this fantasy and thinking of walking up to your brother or sister in-law to talk about your feelings, you should know it would damage your relationship, if the feeling were not mutual.

Also, I’m calling on brothers in-law and husbands who have tried in the past to r*pe or who have intentions to rape. Do you think after you rape your sister in-law, your wife will be happy with you? If she is as strong-headed like I am, this kind of case will be settled in court. This cannot be a family matter, because you ceased being family since you forcibly had carnal knowledge of an innocent girl. Men who rape women don’t deserve to be pitied; they’re monsters and should be handed over to the appropriate authorities. No amount of bribes given to the police can cure this madness. Rape is more or less like murder and so the culprit should be treated like a murderer.

Since you can’t control the dangling modifier between your legs, you should be locked up. You’re lucky you’re going to jail because if you continue that way, very soon that lust will get you seven feet under and at that point no one will be able to help you. Please spare me the details of the seduction story. Even if you were seduced, you have a right to walk away and be honourable.

Betraying your spouse for sex with his or her sibling is the height of disrespect that will haunt you for the rest of your life. On this kind of thing, I think divorce is an option and any pastor, Imam, or elder that tries to plead on behalf of the culprit should be locked up with him or her.

It’s better you look deeply at yourself and find out why you’re not totally committed to your marriage instead of plotting how to sleep with your in-law. Stop distracting yourself by getting excited by the forbidden fruit. Tell yourself the truth; you can’t be in love with your spouse’s siblings! You are simply crazy and selfish! When your erection or orgasm has taken total control of your head, that’s what happens. You will have no control over your sexual urge and everything is in.

Whenever you’re set ablaze by the object of your lust, go to the toilet and masturbate instead of disgracing yourself or just take a walk out of the premises or speak to your spouse and devise a way for the sibling to move out. I am sure you won’t be able to tell your spouse the reason(s) but please stand your ground and be as far as possible away from that person. If you have a problem with your spouse, discuss at length and look for ways you can both find a solution. You can go on a holiday and if you are lucky, your spouse is honest about his/her emotions, don’t judge him.

Listen and don’t interrupt, just let your spouse talk and encourage him or her. After you have tried all these and symptoms persist, go seek counseling and deal with whatever is frightening you away from your spouse.

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