Hushpuppi Is Not Actually “Jane Woodscrane” (proofs Attached}- Source

According to some sources coming through, it reports that our very own Hushpuppi isnt Jane Woodscrane.

The email address “” is actually linked to “Ray Woodscrane”, which has Hushpuppi’s picture. The picture has been there since June 2009.

Jane Woodscrane on the other hand is a totally different account on Facebook that has only 2 friends. Yeah only 2 friends, you read it right.

The previous post,, which claimed that Hushpuppi Is also “Jane Woodscrane” is wrong, fraudulent, defamatory and misleading because that’s a mere coincidence.

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Hushpuppi may be a fraudster or not, but investigations should be objective, not based on flimsy assumptions built on mere coincidences.

Just type that email id on Facebook search bar and see the result. Then type that name “Jane Woodscrane” on Facebook search bar and see the result. Two different accounts entirely.

There are other people in Facebook who have Woodscrane attached to their Facebook name.

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