So hilarious: Man staring at a woman on the street ends up on the floor… See how it happened (Video)

A video has shown the moment a man ended up on the floor while staring at a woman.

In the video, the man did not try to be subtle about the way he stared at the woman crossing the street.

He doesn’t even try to hide it with side-eye or casual glances. He full-on stares at her.

But he got a lesson in keeping his wits about him after he smashed into a traffic light because he wasn’t paying attention.

Mero UK report that he was walking through Bridgeton, Glasgow, when he walked into the pole before falling backwards and the contents of his shopping bag explode on the pavement.

He then staggers to his feet, rubbing his head before appearing to go back into shops to restock his supplies.

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Ex-Rangers star Bob Malcolm asked on a Facebook video: ‘Anyone know this guy on Bridgeton Main Street?’

The 30-second clip was filmed around 2pm on Tuesday before it emerged on Bridgeton Loyal Rangers Supporters Club.

The unlucky shopper is seen swaggering out of a shop with his shopping bag but his attention is caught by an attractive woman crossing the road.

He is transfixed with her walking away and soon collides with the traffic pole and is left on the ground.

Another person said: ‘And right back in for another pint of milk so he doesn’t need to explain to his missus.’

Watch the video below:

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