5 amazingly smart accessories for your car

1. A Key Tracker

How many times have you been late because you couldn’t find your keys? With a key tracker, those days are numbered. Just register the key tracker with a mobile app on your phone and then connect the two via Bluetooth®. Your phone will tell you exactly where your keys are. Some key trackers even provide a key fob that will help you go the other way around and locate your phone. A must-have for the absent minded.

2. Dash Cam

Accidents on the road happen. In the event of one, a dash cam is a great way to document what happened, and it can protect you from anyone out there who’s trying to commit insurance fraud. On a lighter note, you can, of course, use a dash cam to record your road trip’s amazing scenery.

3. A Bluetooth Adapter Kit for Phone Calls and Your Car Stereo

New cars, pretty much all have built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, but driving an older car doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the luxury of hands-free calling and streaming music. A Bluetooth® adapter kit will make pretty much any car stereo, whether it has an auxiliary audio-input jack or not, Bluetooth® ready. And all for a lot less than the price of installing a new head unit.

4. A Mini Jump-Starter

You should never drive anywhere without a set of jumper cables. But if you’re stranded somewhere and there isn’t another car to give you a jump, a mini jump starter, which stores easily in your trunk, will give you enough juice to start your car without having to rely on the close proximity of a kind stranger.

5. A Portable Air Compressor

If you suddenly find yourself with a slow-leaking tyre, you can cross your fingers and hope you make it to a vulcanizer in time, or you can pull over and fill your tyre with a portable air compressor. Small enough to fit in your trunk, most portable air compressors can be powered by your car’s cigarette lighter.

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