Hot & Spicy! Four reasons why woman on top is better than doggy tyle

We’re talking to the ladies here. As a guy, we don’t care much which position it is, the main thing is that s*x is going on but if you really want to push. The opinion is split just like with woman, a guy who is tired or just loves to watch the lady enjoy the groove may be inclined to woman on top while another guy may like control or be a booty-man, so he opts for doggy position.

But that is for guys. Among women, when a small sample size of women were asked to choose between doggy and woman on top s*x positions, most selected the doggy position. But it’s not all bad news for woman on top position.

Here are top four reasons why woman on top should be your favorite s*x position.

1. Control

Being able to dictate how the s*x happens is one of the benefits of woman on top s*x position. According to Layla Martin, the author of Wild Woman in the Bedroom and s*x expert, who reveals “You have more control over the speed, angle, and intensity, so it makes it easier to keep it at a rhythm that’s really doing it for you.

Your vulva and clitoris are also very accessible, and the vast majority of women find intercourse much more pleasurable if they are also stroking or being stroked in this area,”. Taking control means you can do go with the approach that best suits you.

2. The right angle

Here is another major advantage for woman on top, the position gives you chance to pick the angle that does the magic for you then go to town on that angle. You can switch up things here, and even find other angles from the top here that might even be better than the trusted one.

Here is what Martin had to say, “If you are uncomfortable because the penetration feels too deep, you can try lying forward and propping yourself up on your hands or forearms almost like you are in a missionary position,” and ends with “The key is to not get caught up thinking it’s not working and you need to fix it, but to focus instead on sensually discovering the spot that holds the greatest pleasure for you.”

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3. Strength

Here is the challenge you’d probably have. You require more energy to do this than you would need for the doggy style. Because of the control and angle benefit, the disadvantage here is that you can burn out after a while. Martin has some ideas of how you can solve that issue,

“The biggest thing is to remember to breathe. If you’ve ever done intensive workouts, you can go much farther and longer if you breathe deeply. This will seem totally natural since people tend to breathe much more intensively during s*x.” If you can learn how to control your breathing better then you’ll enjoy it more.

4. Head in the Clouds

You’re probably wondering what this means. Sex is more than a physical activity to women. If a lady isn’t in the right frame of mind, there is no way she’ll enjoy the s*x. Being on top gives her the chance to concentrate on the act and even force her to enjoy what is happening.

“S*x is very psychological, and for women to experience their deepest orgasms, there are parts of their brain that need to go silent that have to do with judgement and control,” Martin narrates.

In doggy position, you can be caught up with other things, things that can take away your attention to what is happening. While you’re riding him, he’s underneath you and you can enjoy the sensations from underneath and shut your eyes to enjoy it.

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