Femi Fani-Kayode calls Okorocha: “Scum, Ritualist, Filthy, Pig, Cultist, 419er, Sodomite”

(L to R) Rochas Okorocha & Femi Fani Kayode


“Instead of respecting himself, shutting up and seeking for forgiveness from God for betraying his Igbo people, addressing his elders and betters in an inappropiate and insolent manner and playing the fool, the village idiot called Rochas Okorocha has once again fouled up the public space by opening his dirty mouth and talking about Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Culture and Tourism and former Minister of Aviation.

This time around he talks about FFK not having what he calls “native sense” and he goes on obsessing about his distinguished family, privilaged upbringing and noble lineage.
Clearly Rochas is obsessed with FFK and he has come to appreciate the fact that there are some things, like class, a good lineage and integrity, that money cannot buy.

Yet the truth is this: it is not a crime to have been born into a well-to-do family and neither is it a sin.
That is why many people spend money sending their children to school and make great sacrifices in order to do som
The fact that Rochas, bu his own admission, was once a street-hawker explains his lack of appreciation of such matters and clearly he still resides in the gutter where he came from.
They say that a pig that wears lipstick remains a pig. And that is precisely what Rochas is: a filthy, greedy and consiencless pig who does not know when to shut up.

He has no decorum, no finesse, no decency, no class, no education and no integrity.
He is a primitive and bush villager of questionable paternity whose father remains unknown even to his mother.
If he is truly a man and not the animal that we know him to be let him come on a live television show with FFK to debate these issues including his sordid and filthy history and background and then Nigerians can decide for themselves who really has “native sense” between FFK and him.

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We repeat that a man who constantly speaks up for and supports a govermment that consistently slaughters and routinely massacres his own igbo people can only be described as a sociopathic self-hating Igbo who is suffering from a terrible and debilitating inferiority complex.

He was born a slave and he will die a slave. Attempting to compare himself to a courageous, well-educated, refined, confident, attractive, successful and well-bred man like FFK is like comparing fine wine to toilet water.
Rochas is scum and nothing more than scum. When he finishes his tenure as governor he will crawl back into the filthy cesspit and hole from which he came.

FFK was never a ritualist, a cultist, a 419er, a sodomite, a traitor or a dirty and unreliable street urchin and scammer.
He never ruined the lives of millions, bowed before strange gods and slept in coffins to make his money.
He never sold his soul to the devil or his body to reprobate men who lust for other men in return for money and power.
Unlike Rochas FFK frowns upon such things and comes from a noble heritage and a spiritually clean and strong foundation.
Rochas knows where he has soiled his hands and what the source of his power and wealth is.
He has much to answer for and the evil spirits that, by his own admission, have been tormenting him ever since he became governor will soon take their pound of flesh.

The sword of the Lord is poised to strike and the judgement of God awaits him for his many indiscretions and sins. Thereafter comes hellfire”-

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