Indonesian children undergo terrorist training

Indonesian counter-terrorism agency has disclosed that Indonesian children, who followed their parents to join terrorist activities in conflict areas have been trained on skills for terrorist strikes during the period.

Head of the agency Suhardi Alius disclosed on Thursday that many militants from Indonesia had included their wives and kids in the journey as the agency pledged to terminate such activities of planting seeds of terrorism to the children.

“These children have been trained on terrorist skills, they were trained on how to shoot, how to use an arrow. Then they return to Indonesia, isn’t this dangerous?” Alius said.

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“When the parents finished joining a war there, the children will also be back home to Indonesia with such mind set of terrorism. That is our task to stop this,” he stressed.

Indonesian security authorities have been monitoring dozens of the citizens back home from joining Islamic States (IS) activities in Syria.

In recent months, Indonesia has witnessed a spate of suicide attacks linked with the IS group.

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