Evil people have possessed Buhari – Lawal Idris makes revelations

While speaking in an exclusive interview with DailyTrust at his Kaduna residence, 69-year-old political observer, Lawal Idris, revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari has been possessed by evil people.

The retired business man added that despite his good intention for Nigeria, Buhari has been hijacked, but that there is still hope.

He said: “I told Buhari even before the election was won that ‘evil people have possessed you.'”

“No doubt Buhari is a trustworthy person, not just to me, not just to the North but the whole world. I still trust him and as at today, nobody can say that Buhari is corrupt: people around him may be”

When asked on the way out, he said, “the way out is for Buhari to talk to the people. There is nothing wrong for me to say I have wronged you forgive me.

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“Most Nigerians believe no one can fight corruption except Buhari. The people who are corrupt believe that Buhari is their problem. But we are a country where the right becomes the wrong and the wrong becomes the right; meaning the corrupt believe they are right.

“Buhari as a person is fighting corruption because he believes he is not corrupt. But Buhari is the only one person; corruption should be fought by all Nigerians irrespective of their party, tribe, or religion. It is simple, the giver, the taker, are all guilty.”

Lawal, who has been Buhari’s ally for over 40 years said; “I do not know whether Buhari is still my friend; that is for him to decide. But I still trust him and have hope in him.”

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