Hundreds of bottles of alcohol seized as teens descend on a British beach for mass party

Hundreds of bottles of booze were seized by police as hordes of teenagers flocked to a British beach for a mass party.

Youngsters gathered at Troon beach, Ayrshire, Scotland, after an organised event inviting young people to the seaside town was set up on Facebook.

But angry locals have called it a “blight” to their town and said it “needs to stop”.

Images show cops greeting swarms of teenagers at the train station as they arrived at the Ayrshire town where they immediately had their bags searched.

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Police horses have also been patrolling the beach, which has become renowned in recent years for attracting underage drinkers with drugs and anti-social behaviour also tarnishing the town.

Locals reported ambulances had rushed to the beach in the afternoon while shops in the town have also had to bring in extra security staff to prevent underage drinkers buying alcohol illegally.

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