Watch your utterances – Archbishop Chukwuma cautions Nnamdi kanu

The Head of the Enugu Province of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma has sounded a note of warning to the leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, over the statements he had made since he was released from detention on bail.

According to him, Kanu must watch his utterances.

In an interview with the SUN newspaper, Chukwuma advised the IPOB leader to seek the advice of elders so as not to derail even as he reviewed the the polity and declared that nobody should drag the country into another war.

He said: “IPOB should know that if they want to get the blessings of the elders and some of us, they should be cautioned in the way they act. Otherwise, if we back out from them, they will lose relevance.

“Since Kanu came out, has he come to see me? But we fought and talked about him. All he does is to be talking about Judaism. Where do we have Judaism in the East? He shouldn’t be a religious bastard. Has he come to see me?

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“And many of us fought for him and he came out. Look, Kanu is not an Igbo leader. So he should cool down otherwise he will lose his relevance. He is not an Igbo leader.

“He did not see the civil war, so I’m not happy with him. I am bitter with Kanu because those who fought for him and those who spoke out on his behalf. He has not even visited some of us. Rather he is talking rubbish somewhere else.

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