Hilarious: 9 signs your village people don’t want you to have a girlfriend… lol

9 signs to know your village people are pursuing you. Very hilarious signs.. lol.. lmao

1. If you visit your babe in her area and you’re mistaken for a badoo member

2, If all the ladies you approach are always hostile to you even though they’re single and seriously searching.

3. If you open a thread to profess your love to a lady and she calls the attention of the moderators to close down the thread.

4. If you work in Chevron with a nice ride and designer wears yet every lady you woo prefers a broke guy to you, your village people don land be that.

5. If you travel to meet your babe and you end up in the hands of Evans guys.

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6, If you’re very good in bed yet you lose your girlfriend to a one minute guy, your village people get hand for your case.

7, When you’re very handsome with 6 packs and you lose your girlfriend to someone as ugly as Obasanjo.

8, If you donate your kidney to your girlfriend and you guys quarrel and she says “what have you done for me gan sef that your mates have not done before ?”

9, If you’re in a no sex relationship with your babe is pregnant from cuddling and kissing.

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