Here is the first man to give birth in Britain (Photos)

A transgender father claims he was the first man in Britain to give birth, NOT Hayden Cross .

Scott Parker gave birth to a baby girl on April 29, almost seven weeks before new dad Hayden welcomed his daughter.

Hayden, 21, hit the headlines last week after giving birth to Trinity-Leigh after finding a sperm donor on Facebook.

He was believed to have been the first man in Britain to give birth – until Scott came forward.

Scott, 23, has been living as a man for two years but put his transition on hold when he fell pregnant following a one-night stand, the Mail on Sunday reported .

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His ultrasound scan shows his gender as ‘male’ and understanding staff at the hospital where he gave birth to daughter Sara always called him ‘dad’, the newspaper reported.

He told the MoS: “I did want to have my own children, and I had thought about how it might be possible with fertility treatment, but in the end I just wrote it off as something that is not going to happen.

“Now I have everything. I am the man I am meant to be and a parent. I want others to know they can do it too.”

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