Full transcript & video of Dino Melaye’s ublic plea to senators begging them to stop his recall process

Dino Melaye

Below is the full transcript of what Senator Dinmo Melaye told his colleagues at the Senate during the plenary on Tuesday on the recall process by INEC on the request of Kogi West constituents.


Mr. President, my colleagues, the election that brought me to office, the total score of both valid and invalid votes for nine candidates, Mr. President, is 118,000; but my governor and his appointees in four days claimed they got a signature of over 188,000. Nowhere in my constituency did they see to receive people’s signature. They got INEC data base for registered voters and copied in one writing into a report register to forge all the signatures.

Mr. President, as I speak to you, I have over 120 dead certificates issued by the National Population Commission and these people’s relations and families have sworn to affidavit and these certificates have been deposited and as I speak to you, the names of all these dead people has been submitted in the recall register sent to INEC.

Mr President, a 116 of my colleagues, my constituents I meant to say, also have sworn to affidavit that their names and signatures appeared in the recall register and they were not the ones that signed it.

Mr. President, 86 of my constituents have also sworn to affidavit to state that they were approached that the government want to carry out a fertilizer empowerment program and requested for their PVCs and thereby deceived into putting their names on the recall register. All these affidavits sworn to by these people have been submitted to INEC and the court.

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Mr. President, I am alerting this chamber on a situation that whereby a senator or a legislator will call for collective and enumerative measure in their state. My only sin is that I asked my governor to pay 17 months salary and pension to workers because the holy books says a labourer is worthy of wage. I am not going to belabour us, but they have been spending our money on pages of newspapers, spending money that they want to recall Dino Melaye.

The reason for recall is clearly stated is either… (pause) Mr. President it’s either you have been absent or you have under-performed or you are a sleeping senator, so for that reason you may initiate a recall. But this recall is not initiated by my constituents, it is by my state government and I want to bring the attention of my colleagues that this orchestration and injustice and lies of malicious manifestation of my governor should not be entertained in any democratic setting.

I want to call on this Senate that this should not be allowed anywhere and not because it is Dino Melaye, it can be any member of the House of Assembly tomorrow and House of Representative. It can be any senator where his governor will just come up and cook names, signatures, including those of dead bodies and initiate a recall process because he has our common patrimonial resources within his disposal.

I thank you for listening.

Watch the video below:

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