Igbo’s will be greater losers with the formation of Biafra – George Muoghalu

George Muoghalu

The National Treasurer of the All Progressives Congress, Chief George Moghalu, has asked the Igbo to perish the thought of seceding from Nigeria.

He said the Igbo should rather embrace the clamour for restructuring. Moghalu, who is aspiring for the governorship of Anambra State in the November 18 poll, said the Igbo would stand to lose out should the Biafra project work out.

Speaking on a platform, Anambra Consensus Forum, in Awka, Moghalu posited that 50 per cent of the property in Abuja and Lagos were owned by the Igbo, wondering where owners of such property would be accommodated in the few South-East states.

He said the Biafra fate was worsened when the Niger Delta states dissociated themselves from the struggle. Expressing worry that most of those clamouring for Biafra secession were ignorant of what they were asking for, the APC governorship aspirant noted that the same people talking about Igbo presidency in 2023 were the ones talking about Biafra.

He said, “A lot of these agitators can’t distinguish between restructuring and secession. You can restructure a country, a government and how things are done; but secession is breaking away completely.

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“You can’t be talking about Igbo presidency in 2023 and at the same time talking about Biafra secession.

“Where are we even coming back to? Will these five states contain all of us? We will be the greatest losers.”

He added that most of the people involved in the agitation did not witness the civil war, adding that Biafra of the civil war era was no longer the Biafra of today.

“Those being killed on a daily basis are people’s children, they are husbands of women. Those igniting this fire, their wives and children are not here. By the time it starts, they will all run away and leave us to die.

“History has shown that no conflict has ever ended on the battlefield. It always ends on the negotiation table.”

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