Horrifying moment vicious thug batters his pregnant girlfriend on crutches until her skull split (Video)

Disturbing footage shows a thug attacking his pregnant girlfriend in a convenience store – throwing punches and kicks at her head.

Captured on CCTV on June 8 last year, the video of the shocking attack at a shop in Roanoke, North Carolina, has only now been released following the attacker’s conviction in January.

Jamar Woody, 35, was sentenced to eight years in prison for beating his partner Shatory Irving, 26, senseless while she was three months pregnant with his child, reports the Roanoke Times.

The astonishing video shows Irving, who was using a crutch at the time of the attack due to a broken ankle, being blind-sided by a flurry of punches from Woody.
Jamar Woody brutalising his pregnant girlfriend, Shatory Irving

One juror at the trial reportedly gasped as they watched the disgusting attack in which the 35-year-old continued to kick and punch the defenceless woman while she was on the ground.

Luckily, Irving’s child was not hurt during the assault and she gave birth two months prematurely last Autumn to a healthy baby, reports local media.

But, she did require seven stitches to her head for a one inch cut which is said to have exposed a portion of her skull.

Irving phoned the cops after the attack but said that she did not know who attacked her before hanging up.

And incredibly, she acted as Woody’s only character witness for the defence.

Watch the shocking video below:

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