Revealed: This is the most dangerous thing you can do on a plane… and you’re probably guilty of it

Flying can often be a tedious process – but think how it is for the flight attendants.

Flight attendants have to put up with disgruntled passengers, people whose luggage has been lost and low pay which makes them strike.

While we have already revealed what the first thing a flight attendants notices about you, and the things they never tell passengers, now they have revealed the most dangerous thing a passenger can do on board – and you’re probably guilty.

If you have ever left your seatbelt unbuckled on a flight for comfort reasons – you are causing flight attendants unnecessary headaches.

In a piece for FlyerTalk, experienced flight attendant Amanda Pleva revealed leaving your seatbelt unbuckled when the seatbelt sign has gone on is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

This is because it increases the risk of turbulence-related injuries which Amanda describes as “frustratingly avoidable”.

She added: “Speak to any flight attendant, and they would be able to recount personal tales or tales of coworkers who’ve sustained serious injuries from clear air turbulence.”

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She also cited a number of recent injuries passengers have received after they disregarded warnings.

Amanda continued: “Last week, there were reports of an Air Canada flight from Shanghai to Toronto in 2015 that experienced an emergency landing in Calgary due to severe turbulence.

“Pilots were warned of impending rough air by Air Traffic Control, and advised passengers to buckle up. But of the 21 passengers injured, most admitted to being aware of the seat belt sign and ignoring it.”

When severe turbulence happens, injuries can occur easily.

Amanda summarised with: “Leave your seat belt on while at your seat. Really. It’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than a dislocated shoulder.”

Via Daily Star UK

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