Stand up and fight those promoting division and hate; NLC tells Nigerians

The organized labour has called on Nigerian to to stand up with one voice and fight those promoting division on the basis of primordial affinity. saying that they do it not for the good of the community but for their vested interests.

According to labour, workers will bear the brunt of any conflagration caused by the hate speech currently ongoing, as they will be the worst hit.

Addressing journalists on the position of organized labour on the agitations by the Nnamdi Kalu-led Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, for a Biafra Republic and the quit notice given to the Igbo living in the 19 states of the north to vacate the region before October 1, President of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, stated that those beating the drums of war were being sponsored by some Nigerians.

Wabba said: “We are addressing this press conference to state in clear and unequivocal terms, our position on the unity and sovereignty of Nigeria as a response to the drum beats of war which had escalated to a deafening dimension while we were away in Geneva, Switzerland, for this year’s International Labour Conference.

“Due to the urgency and primacy of the issue, we have found it necessary to consult our organs, upon our return, to articulate the position of Nigerian workers, particularly drawing the attention of Nigerians to the immediate and present danger of the on-going war-mongering. “You have been witnesses to the degeneration of the national conversation into threats and counter-threats; of pulling down the federation by disparate and desperate forces, all of which were conveyed in vile and base language.

“Obviously, these persistent hot exchanges and attacks tend to threaten the very foundation and integrity of our sovereignty and unity; and, therefore, do not represent the true feelings of patriotic Nigerians for one another. ‘’Rather, they symbolise the intensity of greed, the implacable arrogance and desperation of the elites, some of whom have been funding or sponsoring the hate campaigns that can only lead to the disintegration of our dear nation.

“We speak out today as a pan-Nigeria organisation that believes in the sovereignty and indissolubility of one Nigeria. We speak out because we are not persuaded by the base arguments that a fragmented Nigeria best suits any of our members! “We speak out because a physical conflict will hurt us all; particularly workers, pensioners and their families who will be the most direct and immediate casualties. We speak out because dialogue remains the most tested and result-oriented form of conflict resolution mechanism and should be given full rein. “Thus, those fanning the embers of disunity need to be discouraged and schooled on the realities of war. In the same vein, we appeal to all parts of Nigeria, and, indeed, all Nigerians not to fall cheaply for the glamorisation of conflict or war, as a solution to our self-inflicted crisis.

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“We urge all Nigerians, progressives or conservatives, men and women and of whatever faith and ethnicity, to stand up with one voice and fight those promoting division on the basis of primordial affinity. They do it not for the good of the community but for their vested interests. “Let us, therefore, not allow them to use poor Nigerian workers, pensioners and peasants as cannon fodders for their selfish interests. The desperate but vocal few cannot and should not be allowed to speak for the majority of us! “We, of course, recognise the fact that in the course of consummating our union, there are arguably genuine basis for dissatisfaction and disaffection.

“Our common enemy, and whom we must all resolve to face, remains the corrupt political class, who instead of utilising the God-endowed wealth of our nation, choose to loot it for themselves and their children, thereby depriving us of decent living and inflicting on us a scarred collective psychology that is predominantly negative, hostile and unproductive.

“On our part as Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria and civil society, we are determined to stop our elites and their lackeys from throwing us as a nation into another avoidable civil war.

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