A Journey to Remember: 10 Ways to Take a naked man to Cloud 9

Surprising a man or trying to get a man into bed isn’t one of the most difficult thing to do.

Traditionally, men are thought to have always have the desire to have s*x at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, it can be difficult for a lady to top that. What do you give a man that has everything type of scenario.

However, there are a couple of things that you can do to a naked man to make him go over the moon, according to Cosmpolitan.

1. Equality

Since he’s n*ked why not get n*ked too. The more n*ked the merrier.

2. Up in the air

What if he lifts you up against a wall while he’s in his birthday suit, when he’s lifting you up there, you can wrap your legs around his waist and you both do erotic things to each other? It’s bound to be exciting but make sure he’s more of a physically athletic guy.

3. Introduce the blindfold

Not being able to tell what she is about to do to your body can be a thrilling experience. Just before we continue, make sure she isn’t a prankster. The tease that is about to begin with him blindfolded means he doesn’t know which part of the body about to be pleasured.

4. Take a bath together

Since you’re both naked, how about taking a bath together, and you don’t need to have sex, there are many fun things to do to each other in the shower, several water games.

5. Jerk him off

Why not, help me do it, lovingly tug his privates from behind. If you don’t know how to do it, let him teach you then do it, then add other things to it, planting kisses on his back or teasing his earlobes with your tongue or lips.

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6. Try the all-new 77, forget the 69

By now, you should have found out that 69 is such a fraud. It’s difficult to achieve and hardly enjoyable. Won’t it be better to just please each other with doing in turns rather than both at once? Try the 77, which is to have you and your partner lie behind each other side by side, things can get amazing from there, the penetration there is just so good.

7. Have him dance for you

It may probably end being embarrassing but then you know there is nothing more beautiful than you partner embarrassing themselves in your presence. Have him do male stripper dance for you, if sexy enough, then join him.

8. Abandon the bedroom

While it may seem like the bedroom is more suitable for sex things, trying it out of the bedroom too is so cool. If you don’t want your neighbors seeing you, close off your window and engage in the naked festivities all around your house, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, inside the car depending on how adventurous you’re.

9. Find this intensely sensitive spot

There is a place that you need to find and stimulate on your man’s body, it’s his prostate region, it’s the size of walnut that is beneath his bladder, this is one underutilized part of him. Try using two fingers against the skin that is between the anus and his testicles.

10. Get on top

There is always something good about being on top, the view is incredible from both points of view. With you climbing ontop of him, the excitement is bound to skyrocket.

Credits: Hot Pulse

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