See the man who’s happy his girlfriend sleeps with 5 men every day as a prostitute (Photos)

A 48-year-old civil servant Andrew Hamer, 48 has revealed he doesn’t mind that his wife-to-be he first met as customer continues to do her job as a porn star and prostitute.

Hamer also revealed he doesn’t mind if she meets up to 5 men in a day. The pornstar identified as prostitute Kat Lee, 31, charges £130 per hour for her steamy one-on-one s*x sessions, which is where she met fiance Andrew.

Last autumn, unlucky-in-love Andrew booked some time with Kat, from Sunderland, who was expecting the appointment to be just like any other.

The Sun revealed that after the duo got talking, shy Andrew, from Manchester, fell in love and invited her on a trip to Paris, where he asked her to be his girlfriend. When they got back to his mum’s house, where Andrew lives, he popped the question with a £200 diamond ring.

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Naturally, she said yes, and Andrew is over the moon at the thought of settling down with his sex-worker fiance. The couple are set to be married before the end of the year, and even Andrew’s 78-year-old mum is on-board with the wedding.

Neither mum Lillian nor Andrew care that Kat is a prostitute, or that she makes a living starring in pornos with her twin sister.

And Andrew has history with prostitutes, having lost his virginity to one when he was 39 – but the “nasty” and “aggressive” s*x worker made him feel like he’d never find love.

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