‘Stunning stories of Nollywood actors’ sex scene’

‘Sex sells’ is the slogan everywhere. It’s what cements the human relationship. But it also serves a non-procreative purpose. Nollywood like every other movie industry across the world thrives on it. In fact, lovers of Nigerian movies look forward to watching sex scenes, even the aged enjoy feasting on it.

As a result, many producers today are going out of their way to incorporate ‘sex scenes’ in their movies. Not just because they want to convey a message to the audience, but beyond that, they want their movies to be hot and controversial so as to enjoy equal attention in the competitive market.

But come to think of it, while it’s unarguable that soft-porn movies are thriving here, most famous ‘sex scenes’ in real Nollywood movies aren’t actually that sexy and tempting.

Sometimes, it’s natural that I will blush—Leo Mezie
Leo Mezie

Some actors who shared their experiences shooting sex scenes with HVP, argued that it isn’t what you think it is. According to Nollywood hunk, Leo Mezie, “filming a sex scene is like any other scene on set.”

“Remember you are surrounded by all the entire crew, so there is no way as a professional you would want to think otherwise, rather than focusing on delivering your lines. Besides, the room you are filming the sex scene is flooded with light, so, you can imagine how hot it would be. It’s even inconvenient for you let alone…” Mezie enthused. Though the handsome actor says, he has never had any particular experience, he, however, admits that ‘sometimes, it’s natural that I will blush.’



I might over act if I’m paired with someone I’m dating—Nazareth Jesse

Nazareth Jesse Bako

Sharing her own experience, actress Nazareth Jesse said, if she’s paired with someone whom she doesn’t has strong feelings for him, there is the possibility that she wouldn’t be carried away on set.

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“I don’t get carried away or lose control whenever I’m acting romantic roles. This is because you might find yourself with someone whom you don’t have strong feelings for even though you have to make it real.”

“But that consciousness that people are behind the scene keeps you alert not to lose control over yourself but in a situation whereby you are in same scene with someone you are dating, you might also over act based on the mutual feelings you have for each other. I still think acting should be professionally handle while private affairs should stay private,” said Nazareth Jesse. Some of the romantic movies she has featured in, included, “Most wanted Nurses”, “ Tears for the Poor” , “ Box of Hope” and “Le7ki Sugar Mummy’s.”



I hardly do love scenes—Segun Arinze

*Segun Arinze

On his own, Segun Arinze said, he doesn’t like to act love scenes even though, he has done some in the past. “I don’t get carried away while acting love scene. According to him, he was once paired with the likes of Kate Henshaw, Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus among others. “ We were all very professional,” Arinze said.

I don’t feel anything when I’m shooting romantic scene—Micheal Isokpan

For handsome actor, Micheal Isokpan, remaining focus is the panacea. According to him, “It’s a thing of the mind, if you don’t put your mind there, there is no way something quite embarrassing would popped up while you are shooting a sex scene. More over, an entire crew watches and a director tells you what to do. I can’t be foolish to drop down while acting romantic scene,” he said.

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