Dasuki bluntly refused to disclose the where about of N1.2B – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

ILORIN-The federal government has disclosed why it would continue to hold on to Colonel Sambo Dasuki and El-zakzaky despite the fact the court has ordered their release. Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.): Former NSA Recall that there has been agitation over their continue detention by the federal government‎ despite the order of their release by the courts. Minister of information,Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed made the revelations in his home town,Oro in Irepodun local government area of kwara state on saturday during an interview with journalists after his annual Ramadan lecture for his people.

Lai Mohammed said, Dasuki has bluntly refused to disclose the where about of 1.2B Dollars traceable to him and unless he does that, he would not be released by the federal government. Speaking on the islamic cleric,,the minister said that he’s in custody of a sensitive document w‎hich could not be divulged for national security reasons,stressing that at any point in time the government could take a hard decision between a personal liberty and national security.

According to the minister,’At every point in time a government will make very hard decision between your personal liberty and national security.’ He recalled that,”In the wake of 2011, the United States came out with regulations that breached the personal rights of Americans and all of us but the time called it.

‘ ‘And we are saying today that in the case of both El-Zacky and Dasuki we are talking about national security. I have said on several platforms that it might not be palatable to many people, but if it is evidence that one person moved $1.2b in two transactions in one and up till today he has refused to tell government who he gave the money to and you are asking us to give him bail. ‘ ‘If he’s granted bail,whether he stays in Nigeria or elsewhere, ‎ $1.2 billion can destabilize any country.

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We take responsibility for what we are doing because we believe that at the end of the day we either err in the side of national security or personal safety.’he stressed. Continuing he said,’We are also saying that some of these people are in possession of the documents we have some of which we cannot divulge for national security. ‘ ‘But if a country is faced with threats like these we have to take certain decisions which looks to the outside we breaking the Human Rights of some people.’he added. ‎The Minister also expressed serious concern over what he described as,

’The impunity with which people make very inflammatory speeches,without caring for the consequences.” He added that,’The advent of the social media which is largely faceless and has so much power but absolutely has no control has fuelled the phenomenon.’noting however that,’ Before there were rules of engagement. ‘

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