16 Lessons We Should Learn from Evans ‘the notorious kidnapper’s’ saga.

As the news of the capture of a notorious billionaire kidnapper, Evans continues to be a hot topic amongst Nigerians, Chukwuneta Oby here, highlights the lessons that should be learnt from the unfolding saga.

1. For every evil deed…the comeuppance is ‘sure’ to come. It’s a matter of time.

2. Life always offers a window of repentance to an evil doer. But most of them do not recognise such opportunities and what comes afterwards usually spells doom for them. Evans was said to have had a brush with death in a particularly deadly operation, which decimated some of his group members.
That experience should have sobered him up. The wasted lives of his colleagues should have taught him that it could have been him but NO…Evans went to regroup and even began to name his price in hard currency.

3. ‘It’s mostly on borrowed time’…this is what I thought to myself as I looked through the pictures of his exotic interiors. Even the tooth brushes in Evans’ bathroom spelt ‘dollars’. Yet, the sad realisation is that the day he was captured is most likely his last time with such luxury. What then, is the point of it all?

4. ‘Blood money’ comes with sleepless nights. The extent he went with ‘security and precautionary measures’ doesn’t leave anyone in doubt that every ring of his door bell sends his heart to his mouth. If it costs your rest of mind…it is not worth it.

5. Evil minds are incapable of going down alone. Anybody who has the mind to inflict unimaginable ‘suffering’ on another can never spare you (no matter how close you are to them)-when push comes to shove. If they have to go down, you are coming along. Did Evans hesitate before ‘singing’ about the participation of his wife (yes the mother of his five children) in his ‘business’?

6. Every ruthless criminal is a coward at heart. Some of the pictures show that Evans actually peed on himself-when he was captured in his bedroom.

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7. ‘‘Evans the kidnapper’’ was the most ‘googled’ words (from this side of the world) when he was captured. But a lot of that curiosity is actually out of ‘awe’ by some people who couldn’t believe Evans’ ‘luck’ before now. And it shows that a lot of people (in this environment) have skewed orientation towards vain glory and wealth acquisition.

8. The ransom that Evans collected from some of his victims is enough to liquidate even a Dangote.

9. Most people are not worth your envy…there could be more to that ‘enviable’ lifestyle.

10. When your time is up…even life will help push you to your end. Think of the premonition that made Evans relocate his family to Ghana, the forces that brought him back and made him plan his proposed escape to South Africa only a day late.

11. Blood money/Ill gotten wealth? Their ‘vanishing’ can be the easiest. Evans had been amassing his ill gotten wealth for about a decade but it would take one fell swoop (in a matter of hours) for him to lose practically everything.

12. You have no right bringing any child that your name will become a STIGMA on- into this world. What you are giving to such a child is a ‘life time trauma.’

13. If Evans ends up going down alone. Life must go on for ‘wify’. Always think about this whenever an unreasonable spouse tries pushing you into doing ‘the questionable’.

14. If all that ingenuity, passion, hard work and dedication in doing evil (over that length of time) was channelled positively…Evans would probably be amongst the richest Nigerian youths today. For every effort expended on dishonest means…a better reward rests with the opposite.

15. Suspect a spouse who maintains no ties with any relatives…especially parents and siblings.

16. Every ‘bad person’ wants to repent when caught. Anyway, Evans can rot (sorry ‘repent’) in jail…there are ‘born-agains’ there too!

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