Theresa May dares Queen Elizabeth, cancels next year’s Queen’s Speech

Theresa May is cancelling next year’s Queen’s Speech so she can cling to power for a full two years. It means the Tories can dodge controversial Commons votes which could topple the PM until after Brexit.

Queen Elizabeth II begins 3 days of birthday celebrations Queen Elizabeth II begins 3 days of birthday celebrations Mrs May is already stripping this Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech of bills she put forward in her election manifesto. So the elderly will not now lose their homes if they need care, or their triple lock on pensions or winter fuel allowances.

It also means Mrs May can concentrate on two years of Brexit negotiations beginning Monday with less chance of being thrown out of Number 10 on her ear.

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A two year legislative programme rather than the usual one also means MPs and peers will get more time to debate Brexit.

Now that Mrs May has lost her Commons majority she’ll need the support of MPs and peers from other parties to get Brexit through. Commons leader Andrea Leadsom said: “The UK will spend the next two years preparing for our departure from the EU.

This will require substantial amounts of legislation “We will build the broadest possible consensus for our Brexit plans and that means giving Parliament the maximum amount of time to scrutinise these bills.”

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