Here are five sex positions to spice up your weekend

S*x is not just a big component of most intimate relationships, it can also be used to build strong bond. As the weekend sets in, experiment with these five s*x positions to make you even closer to your partner…

1. Seated lotus: This position offers the face-to-face intensity of missionary with the excitement of a new position. One partner sits with legs loosely crossed, while the other is on top with legs wrapped around the partner’s back. Here, your bodies are touching entirely, and your faces are close enough to kiss, whisper, or laugh together, says a s*x therapist, Rachel Needle.

2. Doggy style: Here, you face away from your partner and connect from behind. It naturally facilitates one of the best ways to bond, especially when it comes to shared orgasms. For women, this position gives deep penetration that can lead to immense pleasure, Nasserzadeh says. The ensuing shared experience will increase bonding.

3. Standing in the shower: S*x in the shower allows you to take it long and slow, says a sexologist, Eric Marlowe Garrison. The warm water, ambient noise, and fresh scents will relax you and allow you to really connect with your partner, while the water provides extra lubrication that is great for mind-blowing sex. Stand back to chest facing the long wall of the shower, so that both partners are in the warm water. Just be careful to avoid falling!

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4. Spooning: Having s*x while wrapped in a constant embrace will raise your levels of oxytocin (sometimes known as the cuddle hormone) and PEA (a neurotransmitter that ups your mood and is associated with bonding), according to a sex therapist, Debra Laino. The partner lying behind can use his hands to caress his lover, and can whisper into her ear for added romance.

5. Missionary: Though the most basic of s*x positions, the missionary sex position is very ideal for bonding, because it makes it easy to connect with each other through sight, sound, and touch, says a psychosexual therapist, Sara Nasserzadeh. Whisper or breathe in your partner’s ear, make eye contact, and feel your bodies connected from head to toe.

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