Revealed: One in Every 10 Co-Workers have sex at work… See details

An interesting new study has revealed the stunning number of co-workers who engage in sex while at their work place.

If you’ve noticed that your co-workers book out a meeting room for an unspecified chat on a regular basis, chances are that they are doing every other thing but official meeting!

A new survey from Yellow Octopus has found that one in 10 people are having s*x at work.

Researchers surveyed over 1,000 people about their in-office behaviour, and found that sex at work is, indeed happening — and perhaps with more frequency than you might expect.

Of the people surveyed, 11 per cent said they had had sex in the office with a co-worker, while four per cent said they had done it with a non-employee — meaning, they had brought someone into the building unofficially.

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The majority did it after office hours, but around a third managed to get away with sex in office during work hours. Technically, they were getting paid to enjoy sex.

And before anyone begins to get ideas, the researchers note that 14 per cent of those who had sex at work were caught.

The bottom line: Don’t try sex at work.

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