The 9 year old Indian orphan trunk like nose who is worshipped

The 9-year-old Indian orphan with a trunk-like nose who is believed to be a reincarnation of a Hindu God: Deformity means he is unable to talk or even eat but is worshiped by locals

An Indian boy with a trunk-like nose believed to be a reincarnation of a Hindu God is desperately waiting for life-changing surgery.

Ganesh, named after the Elephant God, is unable to talk or even eat because of the abnormal growth. It also affects his vision.

The nine-year-old orphan has frontonasal encephalocele – a condition which has caused part of his brain to bulge out of his skull.

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Because of this, his brain has developed slower than other children his age and has left him with impaired speech and mentally underdeveloped.

But local surgeons are hopeful that an operation will fix the defect, and that Ganesh, who is worshiped by locals, will find a loving family after having treatment.

Credit- Daily mail

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