Imo brothels raise task force to sanitise prostitution

The National Association of Brothel Owners, Imo State chapter, has raised a task force to stop non-registered members from operating.

The owners of brothels under the aegis of NABO also said that it had perfected plans to sanitise prostitution, which it said was the oldest profession known to the human race.

Speaking to Punch, the state NABO Chairman, Dr. Stanley Nwachukwu, stated that members who engaged in child trafficking in the brothels would be reported to the police.

Nwachukwu added that the task force would fish out brothels where hard drugs were being sold.

“I will ensure that adequate fines are paid by such brothel owners, whose inmates engage in fisticuffs. I urge every brothel owner to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations guiding against coming into brothels with arms and ammunition,” he added.

The chairman, however, stated that the association had aided in curbing cases of rape and sexual abuse among children, which he said would have been more rampant without the operation of brothels in the state.

“Rape would have been happening even in churches if brothels were not in existence in the state. There are men whose libido compels them to have sexual intercourse regularly to the point that they cannot pass a night without sleeping with a woman,” Nwachukwu stated.

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