Soldiers brutalize man in Benue for refusing to fetch water from a stream

A Nigerian man identified as Matthews Emberga-Biem got brutalised by some Soldiers stationed in Benue state for allegedly refusing to help them fetch water from a stream today.
According to Aper Zava who shared the story, Mr. Matthew who is a teacher -was on his way to school when the power drunk officers stopped him.
Read the full story below..
Naka town is the headquarter of Gwer-west L.GA in Benue State, about 40 km from Makurdi, the Benue State capital. There is a military post as you are about to enter the town from Makurdi. Soldiers became stationed there in 2014 when armed Fulani herdsmen blocked the Makurdi – Naka road for several months, shooting and killing anybody that dared to ply the road. It was the soldiers who chased away the armed Fulani herdsmen from the road making it safe for people to pass.
However, the soldiers did not return to their barracks after retaking the road from the armed Fulani herdsmen. They stationed at a deserted primary school at Tse Orbiam village at the outskirts of Naka town along the Makurdi -Naka road.
This military post has remained to date.
Ever since their arrival, soldiers from this military post have been a serious pain in the asses of residents of Naka. All they do is assault young men.

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I have heard very sordid tales of how these soldiers manhandle people on a daily basis so much that it is now impossible to distinguish them from miscreants.
Their recent victim is my friend Matthews Emberga-Biem II. He teaches at Mount La Salle College Naka (my Alma mater).

This morning, as was rushing to go for his morning lessons, these soldiers stopped him at a stream close to the school gate and ordered him to fetch water for them.

He declined, and explained to them that he was rushing to go teach his lessons. This was enough reasons for the soldiers to beat him up so mercilessly as you can see in the attached picture.
Enough is enough. This is action cannot go unpunished.
Below are after and before photos:

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