Nursing student in the US arrested for breaking patient’s leg leading to her death

A Nigerian nursing assistant has been arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, after investigations revealed that he caused injuries that led to a 98-year-old woman’s death.
According to Newnan police, the patient Edna Warren sustained a broken leg following contact with 43-year-old Hakim Ogunkunle on Tuesday. Warren was taken to Piedmont Newnan Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery but she died during the procedure.
It was gathered that a staffer noticed swelling on Warran’s leg and notified a supervisor. When Ogunkunle was question, authorities said he told a story that was “inconsistent” with Warren’s injuries.
However, after Ogunkunle’s story didn’t match the nurse’s account of what happened, Ogunkunle wrote a statement. In it, he said that he went into Warren’s room to get her ready for breakfast.
He said that Warren became combative and tried to kick him. He wrote that he held her legs together to keep from being kicked and heard a “crack” from her leg and said she began to scream in pain.
Ogunkunle told his supervisor that he didn’t tell the truth originally because he was scared he’d get into trouble, according to the incident report. The supervisor called police.
The police department requested the GBI’s assistance in the case and, on Thursday, the agency announced their findings – that Warren intentionally caused the elderly woman’s injury.

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Ogunkunle was arrested and charged with aggravated battery and exploitation as well as intimidation of an elderly person. He is being held at the Coweta County Jail.
According to an Atlanta Police report, Okunkunle was arrested last year on an charge of battery against a patient at another facility. Those charges were not pressed.

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