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Governor El-Rufai spotted on economy class from Abuja to Lagos

A Nigerian man, Hakeem Lawal, who sat beside the Governor of Kaduna state in an Economy class few days ago while traveling from Abuja to Lagos – has revealed what the governor told him when he asked him why he was travelling without his aides… According to him, the governor said “This is normal”…

Read what he shared on his Facebook page…

Gov. Nasir El-Rufai sat beside me in Economy class two days ago traveling from Abuja to Lagos. And he had no aide. Asked him why…. “This is normal”. Asked if he attended a certain recent wedding in Minna and how he went…”Yes I went – by road”. And I visited Kaduna lately.

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Massive development all around. People oriented projects. Here’s a true public servant. Nigeria will do with lots of exemplary leadership like this. Help me greet Mallam El-Rufai if you see him. And please pass the word!!!


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