‘Worst acting I have ever witnessed’- Fans slam David Beckham’s debut in acting


David Beckham’s acting debut has been widely panned by movie fans following the release of the King Arthur trailer on Tuesday.

The former footballer made his silver screen debut in his pal Guy Ritchie’s highly-awaited summer blockbuster alongside film stars Charlie Hunnam and Eric Bana, which will hit UK cinemas on May 19.

Playing hardened battleguard Trigger in the flick, the 42-year-old’s attempts appeared to fall flat for film lovers as they took to social media in their droves to pan his debut.

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In the short clip, the English captain responds to King Arthur – who is played by Charlie – about his attempts to pull the sword, Excalibur, out of the stone.

Charlie asks: ‘Where do you want me?’. Answering in his cockney tones, the sports star says: “Bouncing on my knee? Where do you think I want you?

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