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Native Doctor told man to have sex with a six month old baby and his wife supported him

This is quite unfortunate…Fresh report has emerged about the little girl, Khadijah Bashir, who was raped when she was 6 months old by the husband of her mother’s friend in Kano state. According to a report by Aishat Alubankudi who visited the baby in the hospital, a native doctor advised the husband to sleep with a six month old girl for them to have kids as his wife allegedly held the baby’s legs for husband while he was raping the little child .

The suspected culprit reportedly hired 10 lawyers to defend him in court. The traumatized baby who is now 8 months old -is being treated at a hospital in Kano after undergoing surgery as her parents are unable to hire any legal representative due to lack of funds.

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Below is what Aisha shared on her page;

What a wicked world? Babalawo advised the husband to sleep with a six month old girl for them to have kids. It was the evil wife that held the baby’s legs for husband while husband was raping the poor girl. I want to curse them but im too bitter. May God strike down any lawyer that represents those bastard. Also the Babalawo must be arrested. Thanks to Prince Kabir Bayero who has cleared hospital bills and supplied baby’s milk etc because the parents are poor. He has promised to support them financially.

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