Teacher nabbed while instigating a kidnap in Kogi

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Aliyu Abdulganiu, 26, has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 70-year-old man and collecting a ransom of N2million. But the suspect angrily told his interrogators that he was not a kidnapper, but only negotiator for the kidnappers. .

Abdulganiu was arrested in Kogi State, after he had allegedly collected the ransom from the victim’s son. He said that he was contracted by Don Jee, the leader of the kidnap gang, to assist him as a negotiator. .

The suspect said he and Jee lived in the same community in Kogi State. Unfortunately, Jee couldn’t speak English and found it difficult to communicate his ransom demands to victims’ families. .

Thus, he hired Abdulganiu to become his negotiator. Abdul is an HND holder and teaches English. A police source said: “Don Jee is a notorious kidnapper. We are still hunting for him. We shall surely get him. He is involved in several kidnappings in his community in Kogi State.” .

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Abdulganiu is married and has children. He said: “I’m not a kidnapper. I’m a secondary school teacher. The leader of the kidnap gang, Don Jee, approached me; he asked me to speak with the man’s son after he was kidnapped. .

When the ransom was paid, I was given N150,000. Don Jee does not know how to speak English language and recruited me because he knows I speak the language fluently.

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