Adult content- BBC show,Drama Versailles comes back with explicit,raunchy adult scenes

FANS of saucy BBC Two drama Versailles will see pregnant Madame de Montespan having sex with King Louis XIV in a graphic sex scene when show returns later this month.

Images released ahead of the controversial drama’s return show that the raunch has been turned up even more as Montespan (Anna Brewster) and the King (George Blagden) engage in a passionate love-making session.

She can be seen gritting her teeth and gripping the brass bed frame as the king thrusts away further down the bed.

In another still shot, presumably in the build up to their vigorous bedroom activities, she can be seen fully nude, cleansing herself in an elaborate washroom.

After enjoying a relaxing soak in an ornate bath, Montespan rises to her feet and is met by the King.

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