Russian train bombing suspect from Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan security service has revealed the identity of the St Petersburg metro train blown up by a suicide bomber, as a Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen.

At least 11 people were murdered and 50 injured in the blast and horrifying pictures show bodies, blood and wreckage strewn across the carriage of the train blown up between Sennaya Ploshchad and Sadovaya metro stations in Russia’s second city.

Russian citizen Akbarzhon Jalilov, 22, who was born in Kyrgyzstan, has been named by security services as the suspected suicide bomber who also planted a second device hidden in a fire extinguisher that failed to explode.

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CCTV images of the suspect have been released and shows him in a red Parka jacket, wearing glasses and a dark green beanie hat and carrying a rucksack on his back through the Metro.

Another CCTV image shows him walking along the street with both his fists clenched – potentially because he was clutching the trigger for his suicide bomb. Police believe he has close links to radical Islamists.

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