Bisola and Bally go on vacation as fake housemates,Jon and Ese get evicted

   Fake housemates,Jon and Ese,who brought so much drama to the house were evicted yesterday.While love interest of TTT,Bisola and Bally,were taken to a ‘paradise’ where they would enjoy.
        The ‘paradise’ remains a mystery, setting followers wondering whether it will be a place where the matched couple’, would have the licence for just any game!
         Biggie also did not settle matters when he did not say how long the couple will be in their ‘paradise’ vacation. The developments were not only the highlights of Sunday’s show.
      All the housemates, Efe, Uriel, TBoss, Kemen, Marvis, Debie-Rise, Bassey and ThinTallTony, save the paradise bound Bisola and Bally, are up for Week 6 eviction next Sunday.
           This followed an intriguing game introduced by Biggie to replace the Live nomination. All the housemates were asked to pick an envelope. But all the eight picked “Red Envelopes’, which signified nomination for eviction.

However, one of the housemates may still be saved from being ejected from the house, following the public voting. That is if he or she wins the Head of House Challenge, which will replace the Nomination Show. The survival of the other seven lies with the voting public.
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