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10 male Students of Ekiti College of health sciences rape one female student

How a female student was gang raped by other 10 male students in college of health sciences and technology, ijero ekiti

This week it was learnt that the parent of a lady from the department of orthopedic came to the College of Health Sciences and Technology,Ijero Ekiti to lay a complain how their daughter reported that ten male students of the College gang rape her from 3pm to 8pm in a bush within the College premises.

I was told that A week ago, during the rag day of the students of the College a lady was gang raped by 10 guys in the College premises in the bush .
it was learnt that one of the ladies friends asked her to follow her to the bush in other to ease herself ,it was in that process that she led her into the hands of the waiting rapists who most people believed are dangerous cultist, armed robbers and serial rapist that has been terrorizing the College community and the people of the town but protected by the power that be in that institution .

The information gathered is that the police are involved in investigating the case but the fear of most people is that ,this is not the first time such act would be happing and would involve police and would later covered up by the College management.
The College authority released a statement to that effect and suspending the ones caught indefinitely . The analysis of two out of the names is written is here as gathered by students of the College.

1. Leke Ajibade (aka smog) [size=8pt][/size]
is a serial rapist .it was learnt that about 3 years ago ,he was part of the boys that gang raped a student from the department of Dental and made a video recording of the lady , so anytime any of the gang members was in mood of having sex he would call on her using the video as a threat . Sometimes when they are together and they feel like having group sex the lady is at their sexual mercy. How him and his other rapists got back to that College is still a misery to staff and students till today .

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2. Adegbegi Samuel
This one was recently arrested after robbing and raping a student in her house . The lady recognized him among his gangs . It was gathered that when his house was searched ,they found nothing less than 100 phones of different brands and other stolen items . It was equally gathered from a reliable police officer in Ijero police command that the Principal of the College went to the police station to personally beg for the student who is a medical lab student . How he escaped jail and even a day suspension still baffles most people most especially the parent of the girl in question .
It was even learnt that sometimes ago one of the students union executives attempted to rape a lady who is also a student in his department. It was the principal of the College that “settles” the matter and warned all parties that they should forget about the matter if not they would deal with them (the victim).

I got this information from the students around in my area when I heard them recalling so many ugly events that has been covered up in the College as a result of the intervention of the Principal of the College and I felt ,the world should hear about this .especially women right activities and I would like nairalnders to link me up with contacts of such people especially email their address so that this issue would not be swept under the carpet . more also ,I want blogs and newspares to carry out independent research on this issue and feed Nigerians on their discovery most especially what has been happing in that college which supposed to be a training institution.. Thank you.

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