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Daredevil Kogi Civil servant burns the soles of her ward’s feet

If men and women were God, it would be difficult to stay alive. This saying was proven true in Kogi State, where a woman burnt her niece with a hot stone repeatedly for having the dream of going to school. A Facebook user, Usman, shared the pathetic story a few hours ago. Read what he wrote,

“A very high level of a case of child abuse committed by Mrs Rebecca Omacho to the daughter of her sister by name Favor who stay with her. Mrs Rebecca is the executive secretary kogi state scholarship board, she decided to maltreated favor by putting stone in the fire and after the stone get hot, she pulled it out with a rag and placed the hot stone on favors leg just because she stop favor from going to the school she have been attending and keep her indoor permanently but little favor was said to have defiled the order and scale through the house fence to attend school class, it was when she return home that this wicked and evil woman decided to maltreated her for disobeying her instructions. What a wicked world? I was also surprise seeing the wicked woman begging for cover up at the ministry of women affairs and social development, that exposing her to the public will dent her carrier in the service since she only have one more year to retire but her plea was ignore by the authority of women affairs and social development ministry, while the case was later report to the police for proper investigation and documentation but before them the accused run away from the said ministry were the case was brought for interrogation by members of community life advancement project ( CLAP). Am also appealing to state government to take care of little favor because she is seriously in need of medical assistant.”

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