You are a part of Nigeria’s problem,fan blasts Olamide

The fan who goes by the name “make_way11” on in Instagram has taken to the social media platform to vent. He said:

      “This Is An Open Letter To You.
I know you will never support 2face protest on feb 5. Because you have collect money from buhari and corrupt politicians. You are part of Nigerian problems. You are part of people that put Nigerians in this A.p.c change mess. Why can’t you copy the likes of fela kuti, Ebenezer obey. E.t.c that use their music to fight for Nigerians. All you know is to collect money from corrupt politicians and campaign for them. You don’t care if your fans are suffering. You need to leave all this your greedy attitude and start doing what will make people remember you after your death. Thanks

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