Newborn baby stolen from hospital, found alive more than 18 years later (Photos)

(L to R) Kamiyah Mobley as a baby when she was snatched
and the alleged kidnapper, Gloria Williams

A newborn baby who was stolen from hospital more than 18 years ago has finally been found, alive and well.

Kamiyah Mobley was abducted from the hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, in July 1998, and has now been found alive in Walterboro, South Carolina, almost two decades later.

Now a 51-year-old woman called Gloria Williams – who Kamiyah believed was her mother – has been charged with kidnapping.

After DNA tests confirmed Kamiyah’s true identity, the biological family were notified and the two met for the first time over video chat.

Gloria Williams and the police sketches of the abductor from 18 years ago

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Mobley appeared in good health, and was a ‘normal 18-year-old woman’, although she was understandably overwhelmed by the news.

Officers had received and acted on 2,500 tips since Ms Mobley was abducted. However it was only when they received one last year, to @MissingKids, that they cracked the case.

Mobley was only eight hours old when she was snatched by a woman posing as a health care worker at the University Medical Centre (now known as UF Health Jacksonville).

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The kidnapper told Kamiyah’s mum, Shanara, that the newborn baby had a fever and had to be checked by medics. She then picked the baby up, walked out, and never returned.

The case received a lot of media attention at the time as Shanara made desperate pleas to try and find her baby.

‘She looks just like her daddy,’ her paternal grandmother, Velma Aiken, told the Associated Press after they spoke on FaceTime. ‘She act like she been talking to us all the time. She told us she’d be here soon to see us.’

In 2008, on the 10th anniversary of the kidnapping, her mother Shanara told the Florida Times-Union newspaper that on every one of Kamiyah’s birthdays she wrapped a piece of birthday cake in foil and stuck it in her freezer.


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