Trump’s “I never miss a golden opportunity” ad backfires



A slogan used in an advertisement for Donald Trump’s Mumbai apartment tower has resurfaced in the wake of allegations the Russian government has footage of the president-elect watching women perform degrading sex acts in a Moscow hotel.

Reports emerged on Tuesday claiming U.S. intelligence officials included a two-page synopsis of ‘kompromat’ Russian for compromising material – as part of their security briefing for Trump on last Friday, CNN reported.

The most salacious allegation in the documents claims Russian officials said they have a a secret recording of the president-elect watching prostitutes committing degrading sex acts on the bed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.One of the alleged acts outlined was where the women urinated on each other – described in the article as ‘golden showers’ – while on a bed in the same suite Barack and Michelle Obama stayed in on a visit to Moscow.

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