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Did you get baked in an oven?What happened to you?.You no get money to buy cream again?.These are few embarassing questions that we are plagued with whenever our complexion suddenly goes dull and “blacker”.

As Africans,we have been blessed with skintones ranging from light brown to black,however,due to continous exposure to Ultravoilet rays from the Sun,skin cells become dead and they build up to give the “burnt,dull” complexion we all love to hate.

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The skin sheds its outer layers to reveal a brighter layer,peeling of the skin popularly referred to as “EXFOLIATION”,hastens this process.

Exfoliation is as old as the Egyptian Pyramids.History has it that Cleopatra of Egypt had frequent milk baths to maintain her  glowing complexion,centuries later,lactic acid in milk was discovered to be a good exfoliant.

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Exfoliation can either be mechanical or chemical.Mechanical exfoliation is achieved  using abrasives such as pumice stone,loofah,brushes,apricot kernels to slough off dead skin cells.

Chemical exfoliation incorporates acids such as lactic acid from milk,glycolic acids,citric acid from citrus,kojic acid from rice to achieve desired effects.Mechanical exfoliants are usually found in over the counter products,however chemical peels in high percentage should be done by a professional.

Book sessions at a spa or with a dermatologist when you want to have a chemical peel done,to ensure safer results and avoid problems such as scalding,hyperpigmentation and redness.

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